Automobile Rental & Leasing

A leading automobile rental and leasing company with ISO certification specialising in a range of motor vehicles including vans and light commercial trucks. The scheme can be tailored to meet the requirements of the customers depending on their respective budgets and choice of vehicles.

Long Term Car Rental or Leasing


We provide Long-Term Car Rental or Leasing of any vehicle models of your choice for tenure from 2 to 5 years at a reasonable rate. The lease can be tailored to meet your requirements depending on your budget and choice of vehicles.

Our wide range of services, experienced fleet management team and 24 hours Emergency assistance (in the event of breakdowns and accidents) will ensure that your use of our vehicles are hassle free.

If you need to acquire, expand or replace your fleet of vehicles, we are your one stop total outsourcing solution.

Short Term Car Hiring


Our vehicles of various makes and models are well maintained, fully compliant and equipped with valid hire & drive permits for daily, weekly or monthly hiring. A fully equipped in-house workshop managed by a team of experienced and well-trained mechanics to provide efficient, reliable and personalised services in meeting our customers’ needs and requests. We take pride in the provision of excellent services, being the only ISO certified Car Rental Company in the country.