ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad (15741-D)

The holding company of ORIX Leasing Malaysia (OLM) Group dealing in finance lease, structured finance, real estate investment and development.

Acquiring equipment for your business may require significant investment and capital expenditure budget, ORIX can provide you with an alternative solution where you can opt for a flexible leasing plan. We can structure our leasing facility to help you lower your capital outlay in meeting your budget, hence better cash flow projection and no risk of inflation.

Why Lease?

  • As an additional source of equipment financing, leasing allows
    conservation of working capital that can then be channeled to
    other more productive business uses
  • Lease rentals are fully tax deductible
  • Fixed rental payments assist in budgeting and ease cash flow
  • Hedges against inflation as rental payments are fixed and
    made out of future earnings
  • Simple documentation
  • Lease period can be tailored to match the practical useful
    life of the equipment
  • Up to 100% financing


Who can lease?

  • Sole Proprietorships
  • Partnerships
  • Limited Companies
  • Unlimited Companies
  • Professional Firms
  • Societies
  • Associations
  • Representative Offices


What equipment can be leased?

Any movable assets can be leased. For easy reference, some of the equipment eligible for leasing are categorised as follows:

  • Industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Construction and heavy equipment
  • Material handling equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Commercial and private vehicles
  • Computers & IT-related
  • Office equipment


  • Dedicated professional staff who understand your business needs
  • Competitive terms tailored to your requirements
  • Prompt personalised services
  • Fast approval
  • Comprehensive product range


Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between leasing and hire purchase?
    The lessor is the owner of leased equipment and the
    lessee rents the equipment to use by paying to the lessor
    a fixed monthly rental. Ownership stays with the lessor.
  • In hire purchase, the hirer services instalment payment and title to the equipment will be passed to hirer once all instalment payments are concluded.
  • What is the shortest lease term permissible?
    Twenty-four (24) months.
  • Can a lessee cancel or early-terminate the lease contract?
  • Yes but cancelation or early termination before 24 months is subject to tax loss compensation.