PC and IT Equipment

Short Term Rental

Key Advantages of Rental

  1. Access to Newest Technology & No risk of Obsolescence
    • With the fast progress of technology, you are concerned that your equipment might become obsolete in a short time. This puts you into a less competitive position in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.
    • You can select the latest and most advanced models in the market from our rental inventory. There is no risk of obsolescence.
    • With extensive inventory, customers have all the resources they need to complete today’s installation projects in time to develop tomorrow’s technology. New equipment is continuously being added to replace older models, allowing the inventory to keep pace with the technological advance in the industry.
  2. Emergency Requirement
    • In highly competitive industry, you could not wait for the delivery from your suppliers or in the case of equipment sudden breakdown. Rental can put the right equipment on your hands at the right time.
  3. Rental Term Flexibility
    • ORS offers rent of equipment for periods as short as one week and you are free to discontinue* or extend your rental contracts anytime.
    • For overseas rental, the minimum rental period is one month.
  4. Maximize Your Operating Budget
    • Purchase of equipment could use up large amounts of funds that must be replenished by utilizing your credit line. Rental fees are treated as operating expenditure; you can increase the efficiency of your company’s management.
    • Rental scheme can also be treated as an Off Balance Sheet item and hence improved your company’s gearing position.
  5. Reliable Equipment Performance
    • You are prepare to purchase equipment but are concerned about the time and budget for maintenance, repair and calibration. ORS is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. The cost of repair (normal wear and tear), calibration or warehousing could be a burden for you. If you rent, no such expenses are incurred except rental charge.
    • Reliable equipment performance is ensured by the conscientious and strict maintenance and calibration procedures that ORS performs on all its rental equipment. Thus you need not undertake costly and troublesome precision assurance activities.
  6. Short Term Needs
    • Sudden needs for equipment for testing, commissioning or new projects? ORS is able to supply the ideal products for meeting customer’s diverse needs.
Please note the following:
* Rental fees are subject to change according to economic conditions.
* All rentals are subject to Rental Terms & Conditions applied. Please contact with ORS.
* When returning rented equipment to ORS, be sure to make backup copies for the data that are created with the rented equipment. We will not be responsible for any data loss. Please check that no data is left in the rental equipment, as the hard disk of the equipment will be reformatted when returned to ORS.

Long Term Rental

A flexible rental scheme for period ranging from 12 months to 24 months or longer.

We offer a viable alternative in giving your business the all important business advantage, through rental.

Why do I want to rent for long term?
  • See Benefits of Rental Scheme.
  • Opportunities for technology refresh, upgrades, swaps and early cancellation.
What happens at the end of rental period?
  • Option to renew rental on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Return the equipment to ORIX Rentec
  • Option to purchase the equipment at a fair market value
  • Upgrade to the latest equipment.
Can I cancel the rental contract earlier?
  • Yes, anytime after the minimum rental period of 12 months (for long term scheme).
  • We give you this value added flexibility to allow you to effectively manage your budget as well as to allow you to upgrade to the latest and most advanced models in the market.
What documentation do I need to provide?
For credit assessment purposes, just provide us:
  1. Company profile
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation, Form 24 and From 49,
  3. Audited accounts for latest 3 years,
  4. Latest six months bank statements,
  5. Latest up to date interim/management accounts
  6. Bank facility letter (if any).