"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Brundtland Commission (1987)


ORIX Leasing Malaysia Berhad (and its Group of Companies) engages its duties with due consideration to the environment, society, and governance ("ESG") and adheres to the "ESG Policy" by ORIX Corporation, for achieving stable growth of unitholder value, which is ORIX’s management policy.

  • Reduction of environmental load and formation of a recycle-based society
    We focus on reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency and introducing energy-saving facilities / equipment on properties among other measures. Furthermore, we seek to create a recycle-based society by promoting efficient use of water and other resources as well as reduction / recycling of waste.
  • Collaboration with stakeholders
    We strive to contribute in forming a sustainable society by initiating dialogues with various stakeholders, including unitholders, tenants / business partners, communities, executives, and employees, through business activities.
  • Enhancement of health and comfort of executives and employees
    We aim to create pleasant working environments that uphold diversity and work-life balance towards the realisation of the "Keep Mixed" goal for our executives and employees, while strengthening competitiveness and aiming for health enhancement, safety, and comfort of staff.
  • Risk management and compliance
    We work to eliminate negative effects of transactions between parties that may cause conflict of interests by particularly paying close attention to conflicting interest transactions, while developing various in-house systems for appropriate risk management and thorough compliance with rules as well as laws and regulations.
  • ESG education / enlightenment activities
    We work to enhance awareness and knowledge of ESG among executives and employees through continuous education / enlightenment activities.
  • Promotion of information disclosure and visualisation of ESG
    We proactively disclose information on ESG to various stakeholders, including unitholders, business partners, communities, executives, and employees.


We have capped total credit to companies involved in coal-fired power generation, fossil fuels, palm oil, and clear-cut logging. We will also consider limiting our relationships with palm oil plantation companies to those certified by the Malaysian government (Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Certification Scheme).